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School Tour


Documenting the educational impacts of the state’s broken promise to fully fund schools, and to draw attention to the consequences for students 


Collection information and stories that document the impact on the ground of underfunding of schools


Plan a tour of schools to highlight the impact of underfunding schools by the state


How to organize a school tour

Learn the step by step process of organizing a school tour.

Click to view or download the pdf.


Invite the press

Inviting the press will help amplify the impact that New York State's underfunding has had on local schools.

Follow the step-by-steps here to organize a press conference.


Share what you learn on social media

As you tour the building, take the time to share what you learn on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Remember to connect the school's needs to the cause — underfunding of the Foundation Aid formula.

Download social media graphics here.


Share the school questionnaire

Before the tour date, email or mail this questionnaire to the school officials you will be meeting with to get them thinking about the issues they face around funding.


*Remember to collect it the day of the tour!


What to look for

What questions should you ask as you tour the school building? What types of things should you be looking for? Follow this checklist of questions to be sure you get the most out of the time you spend in the school.


Tell us what you found

Email the questionnaire to AQE. We compile the information we collect for use in our advocacy and reports.


Use this form to share your own notes from the tour with us!

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