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Voter Registration





How to organize a town hall

Learn the step by step process of organizing a town hall or PTA meeting.

Click to view or download the pdf.


Invite the press

Reach a bigger audience with your event by inviting the press.

Follow the step-by-steps here to organize a press conference.


Pick a presentation to play

Select one video to show from these options to get the conversation started.

You can also use this PowerPoint presentation on the background of CFE to guide your discussion.


Tell us how it went!

When it's all over, fill out this form to let us know how your event went


Livestream your event

Click to view or download the pdf.


Bring printed materials

Download and print copies of this one-page primer on Foundation Aid and the Campaign for Fiscal Equity.

And don't forget to bring sign in sheets so you can stay in touch with participants!


Ask participants to take action

Print copies of this petition to gather signatures at your event.

You can also bring copies of these flyers asking people to call their legislators at or after your event.

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