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Lobby visit

Schedule and meet with your representatives in Albany or at their district office.

Legslator lookup
Legislative calendar


How to do a lobby visit

Learn about the what goes into arranging a meeting with an elected official with this step-by-step guide.


Look up your New York Legislators

Find out who your elected representatives are in the New York State Legislature.


Check the legislative calendar

New York has a part-time legislature, which means our elected officials are only in Albany part of the year, and on certain days. Before calling to schedule your meeting, check the calendar to find out what days legislators will be in Albany.


Talking points

Review the talking points on school funding, child care and school climate prior to your meeting, or print them to take with you.


Legislative leave-behind

After your meeting, leave your legislators with a cheat sheet so they know what their top priorities need to be for the budget.


Report how it went

Let us know how your lobby visit went.
Talking points
Leave behind materials
Report back
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