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phone banking

Organize others to encourage constituents to call their elected representatives.

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Set up a phone bank

Phone banks can be conducted in person, or organized over email or social media. They can involve two people or twenty. The most important factor for success is that you pick up the phone!

Decide on a date, and invite people to join you as you make calls. If you opt for an in-person phone bank, you can provide snacks and drinks; if everyone is making calls from home, you can use a live chat or text to keep everyone motivated.


Share the script & call-in link

Keep the following script handy for reference:​

Hi ___________ I'm a parent/ student/ educator & leader in [insert city], New York. I am calling to urge you to include at least $5 billion for child care in the state budget.
Access to child care is an economic issue, as well as a health and education issue, affecting every community throughout New York State. Budgets are about priorities. With the system in crisis, we need $5 billion dollars for child care in the state budget to support ALL families, regardless of immigration status. 


Leave a message

Leave a voicemail if your target doesn't pick up — they will hear it when they return.
And remember to call back in when you're done, if there are additional targets!
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