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Livestream an event
Click here to download and print this checklist.
Before the event
  • Advertise in advance: tell your online followers that you’ll be livestreaming 

  • Fully charge your mobile phone

  • Check that the Facebook Pages app is installed on the phone you’re using, and logged into the correct account

  • Make space on your phone if you plan to save the original video at optimal quality

  • Find a volunteer who can Tweet out the link to the livestream broadcast, and also to live Tweet the event while you record

  • Draft up the message/post text that will go into your livestream before the event, so it's ready to copy & paste into your post when you go live

  • Get more information about the location of the event: 

    • Is there 4G cell coverage? 

    • If not, is there wifi and what’s the password? 

    • How will sound be amplified? 

    • Can you get close to the people speaking? 

During the event
  • Carefully choose recording location: get close to the people speaking but not in front of sound amplifiers which could overload microphone. Also keep the light source behind you

  • Create the video post on your app

  • Select for “Landscape” mode (double check that your phone’s portrait orientation lock is NOT set)

  • Ask a colleague to tweet out the video link/circulate via email while it’s going on

After the event
  • Download the video from app when the broadcast is completed

  • Reshare the video link on all your social media channels

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