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Plan a press conference
Click here to download and print a pdf of this checklist.

  • Confirm location and time.  Think about where you want to stand, where you want others to stand and where visuals will be to have the best view for television crews.


  • Secure a lead speaker, and decide who else is speaking. People directly impacted would be the right way to go.  For education, that means a student, a parent, a teacher or principal, etc.


  • Share talking points with your speakers.  You don't want everyone to say the same thing. 


  • Decide what order of speakers you want. The emcee (you or a volunteer) will need to provide the context of the press conference before calling the first speaker. Give other speakers two minutes to speak. (Two minutes is a long time.)


  • Bring printed copies of the press release to your event to hand out to press, and introduce yourself as the organizer as they arrive.


  • Assign someone to take pictures of the press conference. If no press show up, send pictures along with the press release afterward.  

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